Creative Campaign Management

Copyediting? Segmentation? Campaign automation? I've done it all from soup to nuts, and I want to do it for you.

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Techy Stuff

Already have something you like, but looking to make it better? Maybe you're having an issue with launch times, your mailing list is a mess, or your customers with gmail addresses stopped responding. Let me figure out what's happening so you can rest easy.

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You're a DIYer. You want the advice of a professional with years of experience. You're just looking for a nice chat with a willing ear. Check out my competitive hourly rates - therapy and marketing for one low price!

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You're busy, I get it.

You're one member of an overworked team, trying to get out a slew of new whitepapers before your product launch. Or, you're a solopreneur who just heard about marketing automation, and you're not quite sure where to start. You've already spent hours, no, days on this project that let's face it, is keeping you from your real job. You know, the job you like doing.

That's where I come in. My job is to take what you love about your business and show it off. Cool new process to save your customers time and money? Rad. Brand new fig bar you spent months perfecting? Tell me all about it. Let me use my storytelling skills and years of marketing experience to get to your customers right where it counts --in the feelings.

Yeah, I said it. Right now you're probably thinking, "But what I really need is to Power Optimize my A/B subject lines so I can increase Deliverability-Visibility rates and improve my Engagement ROI!" --I mean, maybe you're thinking that. I don't know your life.

But can I offer you some 100% free advice? First, put down the blogs. Second, I want your customers to care about you can offer them. And getting people to care is just a matter of telling a good story. What makes your product unique? Your business special? Chances are you already know that, and you're just looking for someone who see it. And if you don't know? Well, I'm here for that, too.

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm here to make you look good.




I'm open for business, and you've got work to do. Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how I can help you.