A New Project

After a year of working with writers and writing, I’m excited to start talking about my next project – full stack development.

I’ve been keeping quiet about my discomfort with my writing – well, specifically writing for other people. For that one-off stranger who may be wandering by, I love writing. It’s my favorite hobby, and I love both the act of writing and delving into the craft of storytelling – how to create believable worlds, evoke emotions, and communicate ideas to people who may not think anything like me. That part is a puzzle of sorts, and I’m a lifelong lover of puzzles. However, writing for other people and their needs left me tired, drawn, and cranky. As much as I love success – turning in a sharp piece, compliments on a job well done. etc, it was just never enough to overcome the frustrations and my own lack of energy when it came to my personal projects. (It turns out that after writing all day, the last thing I want to do is write some more.)

And so comes the fabled pivot. I’ve been doing a little bit of soul searching, and taking stock of what I want my work life to look like. I took an honest assessment of what I really enjoyed (working with other people, working in a relatively flat corporate culture, making things) and what I found frustrating (lack of a goal, lack of a goal, lack of a goal). I spent a few years working around Silicon Valley, and so it’s not super surprising that I’ve decided to move forward with my programming skills, and eventually, a career in programming.

So, what have I been working on?

To start with, I’ve been working on catchup with my existing skillset over the past four weeks. Now I’m forging ahead with new skills and abilities. I’m taking a two-tine focus – working from front-to-back in my language skills (HTML5, CSS/Sass, Javascript, SQL, Ruby), and working through programming concepts in C. To that end, I’m tearing down the site I had set up, and using it as a public face for my endeavor, and to keep myself on schedule. I’m involved in two online classes right now, but I’m fortunate in that I do my best learning on my own, and regularly just with a book and some practice exercises.

I’m excited to see what the future brings, and to be able to look back at my progression over the next few months!

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