Saturday Planning

Here’s what I’m working on this week:


Math Structures Course – no deadlines here. I’m using this to give my mind a break from the demands of coding, so I don’t expect to cover more than 5 hours of material.

Language – I’m going to look for an advanced JS algorithm tutorial later this week.

Practicum – my goal is for this to be the bulk of the week. Ambitiously, I’d like to finish

  • 3 front-end projects. They’re single page applications, probably not more than 75 lines of code, but I want to make sure everything is nailed before I move forward.
  • 4 algorithm challenges. I’m moving up in difficulty, so I’m going to give myself some leeway here.
  • Blogging. I’m not doing a great job of documenting my process, and I’m the first to admit that writing this all down helps me learn. I’d like to shoot for three blog posts this week.

Here’s how I did last week:


Systematic Programming I (and II if I can make time)

I went through systemmatic programming 1. I got a lot of great technique tips from the course, and really the recipe guide provided has been enormously helpful in breaking down problems more efficiently. At the end I noticed I was not giving enough time to practical work, and both my work and my thought process were suffering for it. I spent a little time on graph theory, but it feels like a subject I’ll need to move through very slowly as I spend more time on projects.

Algorithmic Toolbox

I walked away from this one, as a lot of life happened this week. I’m also back on the practical side of the see-saw for a while. (I need to build up my coding skills some more so I can make use of more complicated theoretical mechanisms.)


I’m going to hold off on language courses this week and focus on good programming methods with JS.


  • Random Quote Machine — I did it! I struggled much more with API calls than I thought I would, given that I used to manage some professionally. Looking  back I can see how much I used to rely on other people, and I’m glad I can manage so much more now.
  • (maybe) budget App – Didn’t touch this one this week. I think it’s a go for this next week though.

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