SEO Strategy for Humans part 1: Copywriting

Stop me if you've heard this before:

While looking for a writer or marketer in the Sacramento area, make sure to look for a writer or marketer that meets your needs. There are many writers or marketers in the Sacramento area, so make sure to check Sacramento job boards for available writers or marketers.

I'm guessing you've come across a page or three that looked like this over the past few years. This is a pretty wretched example of keyword stuffing, a "hack" for SEO that puts as many of the desired keywords as possible in text that's technically human readable. I'm going to put this to you very clearly: keyword stuffing does not work. \

Many SEO tools still feed on the concept that keyword density is an important metric. It's not. Ignore it and use keywords intelligently and with usability in mind. The value from an extra 10 instances of your keyword on the page is far less than earning one good editorial link from a source that doesn't think you're a search spammer.

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